Disabling All Live Tiles at once in Windows 8/8.1


If you absolutely hate live tiles and want to disable them all at once instead of manually turning them off one by one, there is a way to do so, using Group Policy Editor, or the Registry.

Method 1: Using Group Policy Editor

Open up Run and type “gpedit.msc” (without quotes)
Navigate to the following folder:

User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Start Menu and Task Bar\Notifications

<img src="/uploads/howtogeek/23887/4b365f56d26946af.png" width=“690” height=“375”

On the right pane, double click on “Turn off tile notifications” and check the “Enabled” button. Click apply.
Next, go to the start screen, press +C to get the charms bar out, click on “Settings”, then click on “Tiles”. Now where it says “Clear personal info from my tiles” click the grey “Clear” button.

That’s it. You’re done.

Method 2: Using Registry

*NOTE * As always, anytime you’re going to be changing stuff in the registry, MAKE A BACKUP OF THE CURRENT SETTINGS FIRST before it gets too late. You might even want to create a system restore point if you’re really paranoid.

For those of you using the Core edition of Windows 8/8.1, where Group Policy Editor isn’t available

Open up Run and type “regedit” (without quotes)
Now, navigate to


Create a new key: “PushNotifications” under “CurrentVersion” and then in the right-side pane, create a new DWORD “NoTileApplicationNotification” and set its value to 1

Lastly, don’t forget to clear the info from the tiles like we did in method 1.
That’s it. Enjoy your new start screen without the useless live tiles…

…The only live tile I keep on is for the weather app.
Live tiles are too distracting, and plus, they’re always connected to the Internet downloading data even when they’re not running, and consumes bandwith; this can be a problem when you have lots of live tiles flashing updates at you. And seriously, having a bunch of live tiles on makes your PC look like it’s full of crapware.

Live tiles might be useful sometimes, but let’s be honest; has anyone found them to be really useful?