Disable browsing history on windows 7 professional


I want to know how to disable browsing history function in my windows 7 professional. I have gone to the tools and deleted the browsing history, then instructed it to maintain no browsing history for more than one day, then “apply” “close” and then restart the computer. There must be some way to prevent the browsing history to occur even for one day. How can i disable this feature on the windows 7 professional?


Don’t browse for a day.


Which browser are you using?

Windows doesn’t care or keep track of your browsing history.

Your browser probably does… and without knowing which browser you’re using, no one can offer much useful advice other than to try your browser’s private mode. Private mode doesn’t save history, cookies, or locally saved data once the private window is closed.


Hi Tom:
Thank you for taking an interest.

I am using Google Chrome


Good choice. :slight_smile:

Chrome calls it an “incognito window.” This should do what you want.



Thank you Tom. I will see how this works


Well Tom, I went to the New incognito window and thought this was too easy, and why hadn’t i noticed this before.

I clicked on the little icon with the hat, glasses and eyes and it said “your are incognito” I was so happy I restarted the computer and to my disappointment my history was still there. I cleared it all away, made some searches and checked for history and there the searches were again in my history.

Any more suggestions?


That doesn’t fit with my experience. When I use Incognito, my history is gone when I close the window.

I just tested it on this computer, and it indeed works for me exactly as I described above.


Hi Tom:

It does work. I figured it out just after I wrote you.

Thank you for all your attention.