Defrag windows 10 pro


I posted before about whether or not to defrag b/c I read that with an SSD you do not need to do so as windows handles it.
Does this mean you turn of the optimize /defrag feature or set it to one month for example?
If off, the implication is that windows will override this set up feature and do so regardless and on its own.
So, type opt in search and when optimize appears, turn feature on or off?


No need to defrag an ssd since all items are equally accessible unlike a mechanical drive.


Do NOT turn off the Optimize tools for Windows 10.

SSDs still require optimization under Windows 10, but they need a different kind of optimization.

Where hard drives need defragmenting, SSDs need TRIMming and wear leveling. These are very different tasks, but they serve some of the same purposes.

Defragmenting re-orders the data on a hard drive to keep files together, whereas TRIM on SSDs is used to pre-erase certain blocks to make it faster to write to previously used sectors.

The Optimize tool in Windows knows the difference between a hard drive and SSD, and it will automatically perform the correct optimization for each drive. So you should leave it enabled and allow it to run on its normal schedule.