Debian 10 problem


Installed Debian 10 from an ISO. I unplugged the Win10 & Linux Mint hard drives before installing it. I made sure I told it to NOT ask me for a password when booting, but it IS asking, and even though I enter the root password, it says wrong password. I cannot get past this login screen. Did NOT have this problem with other Linux distros when I installed them. Help, PLEASE!


Can you elaborate this section? What have you done during installation?


The same as all the other distro installs. When Mint boots, it does not ask me for my password. When I use SUDO, my password is recognized. Debian is asking for a password during boot, and it’s NOT accepting my root password.


Can you get in to the image at all?


No. Stuck at the login screen.


do you have data on it?
if so I would say grab the data and wipe then next time put a password
or look up the default Debian password


This is a fresh install, no personal data, and I’ve re-installed (after totally wiping the disk) 3 times, same results all 3 times. Tried looking up the default pwd but can’t find it (Debian 10 - Buster). When I type “Debian 10 (Buster) default password”, the search comes up blank.


i’d say use a password or make a issue on the git hub page or what ever the bug tracker for it is might get a dev to help ore something


I will do that when I have time. Right now, I’m working on a Windows Firefox problem.


I re-installed Debian using a password and it did work. I’m in, but now I’m having the same screen size problem with Firefox that I’m having on my Windows 10 machine, PLUS, when I boot, it goes straight to Debian, NO GRUB MENU. I did not have these issues when I loaded Linux Mint.


I’m having Debian trouble, too. I won’t get into the specifics, but I’m starting to think Debian just isn’t a stable enough distro to be useful. I’ll probably switch my Linux workflow over to another distro until or unless I can figure out my Debian issues.

Which is a bummer, because the only reason I have Linux installed on my desktop is to code for the Raspberry Pi. So switching to another distro could cause new problems.


I’m happy with Mint, but all the “EXPERTS” were saying Debian was the most STABLE Linux OS, so I thought I’d try it out.


Heh. An opinion from self-proclaimed “experts” and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee… :slight_smile: