Data recovery software recommendation


Hi all,

I know there are plenty of recommendations for data recovery apps all over the internet, myself I’ve found this forum following a Jason Fitzpatrick blogpost about the best data recovery apps. However I’ve yet to solve my problem. The way to narrow it down for me would be: is there any software that shows lost files according to the date when they were deleted / corrupted? I’ve tried Recuva (the free version) and it is extremely difficult to make the difference between files that I had deleted in time because I didn’t need them and files that I might have lost with the recent issue - which btw was a Windows user profile deletion that left me with a good few tens of free GBs. I’m interested in paying software too.


Did you try pandora from this link. Please read and then attempt the recovery.


Hi Alex,
There are tonnes of free data recovery software available online now a days…Its really is a task to choose the best from them. Regarding your problem of lost files according to date…you can try, you can go to and download the free version of software.


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You can save your virtual disk data by using the virtual recovery software which are designed in such a way that you will be able to restore your virtual data within a minute. The virtual files like VHD, VHDX, VDI, VMDK all can be repaired and the data within them can be saved back to your system.