Daily news email not readable


I have recently changed my email reader and the newsletter doesn’t appear in the body of the email… There is no view online button as many others have will this ever be fixed???


Yes, just check the settings


Can you please elaborate for me are you talking about the settings in my email client or the settings at How to Geek because I cant find any settings in either that would create a view online option???


Which reader were you using and which one did you switch to now ?


I was using the windows 10 generic reader but changed back to Incredimail most company emails have the option to view in web browser but I cant find that option with How to Geeks newsletter and I love reading it every day


Well, I kinda had the same problem but dealt with it by checking the settings.


Are you talking about the settings in How to Geek or the email reader as I can’t find any in How to Geek just subscribe or unsubscribe???