Copying sim card


if i were to copy a sim card from a mobile hot spot to a micro sd/other device would the WiFi info on it be copied as well or is that separate?


No, it should not.

The WiFi info is stored in your hotspot’s memory, not in the SIM card.

And, more to the point, copying a SIM card to obtain cellular access illegal. As in 5 years in jail.

DO NOT attempt to copy a SIM card.

It’s apparent to me that you’re trying to obtain cellular Internet without paying for it. You started by asking about cloning a WiFi hotspot provided by your library. Then you asked how to get data service on a cell phone without paying for it. Now you’re asking about cloning SIM cards. This is illegal, and you can go to prison for doing so.

I’m going to ask you to not post any more messages regarding cell phone cloning, even indirectly. Please stop posting about SIM cards, cellular hotspots, and obtaining cellular access without paying for it.

Thank you.