Confusing Network setup


I think I screwed up my network system partially …when i bought a new router and did the setup. I do not know how it came about, but apparently the way I followed the instruction , it seems i created 2, with the same name, but one had the number 2 added to it and the other a 4. It turned out that each one had a different range. The “2” was 2.4ghtz and the 4 had 5ghtz. Now on my desktop I only see the one that is 2.4ghtz. When i go to my tablet I see both of them listed and i can choose either one My phone only shows the 2.4ghtz one. Why is it that i never see the 5ghtz one on my phone or my desktop? Sorry, on how i am displaying the info as you can see my network limitations. I found when i do connect to the 5ghtz one, i seem to get a wider range…


5GHz is far from universal. Not all devices have 5GHz radios, and so those devices won’t see the 5GHz band.