Computer replacement


My desktop died which is fine because it was very old and I have everything backed up.
It has the router and modem hooked up to it. I want to replace it with a laptop. is there is a series of steps that someone could guide me through the transition process in installing the replacement?
The replacement has windows 7 on it.
The desktop had a lot of ports which the laptop does not have, not sure if that makes a difference.


There are any number of setup, and your question is impossible to answer without knowing what you do with your computer, and also the replacement laptop model.

But regardless, some thoughts (skip or incorporate as you see fit):

  1. It’s mostly a matter of getting used to working with a smaller screen and keyboard, and also a trackpad instead of a mouse. You’ll likely get used to all that in a short time.

  2. You mentioned a router and modem. I would recommend connecting your laptop to your WiFi (modem) wirelessly. One advantage of laptop is being able to surf, etc. while sitting at your desk (just like in the desktop days) - but also sitting in your favorite reading chair, or wherever. Wireless WiFi is good in that respect.

  3. Not sure if you use your printer a lot, but it might be worthwhile buying a Wifi-enabled printer/scanner. Yet another cable that doesn’t need to tether up your laptop.

So, basically, a Win 7 laptop with wireless Wifi and printer set up. As for the laptop itself… I think the basics is to make sure you turn on Win 7’s built in firewall and antimalware. That aside, just load up the apps that you want to use (if not installed already).

Or you might consider upgrading to Win 10 - but that’s really optional. Win 10 is the latest but Win 7 itself is a great OS that’s more than capable for most all home uses.


Windows 7 support ends next year, so I would seriously consider moving to Windows 10 now if you don’t plan on replacing that laptop anytime soon.

The other thing you might look at is to see if that laptop is compatible with a dock. Docks are nice because you can get a desktop experience when you are at your desk, but you can easily undock the laptop when you want to move about the house without having to disconnect any wires. The dock may also be equipped with ports your laptop doesn’t have.


The laptop replacement will rarely be used but will act a a host computer.
I don’t know that much about computers, once i start hooking things up to it i’m sure things will come up.
Windows 10 is a good plan but for now i would just be happy to get this replacement up and running.