Cloning windows 10 into newly added SSD on my PC


I have added a new SSD to my Inspiron 3470 and want to clone Windows 10 onto the SSD. I am wanting to keep the HDD along side of the SSD. I read somewhere that when I start this process I am to unplug the HDD. In other sites I have read there is nothing mentioned about unplugging the power to the HDD. I am old and do not understand comps that much…so be gentle…:slight_smile:


Many here have recommended Macrum Reflect (free version), Clonezilla, and EaseUS. Also look around the support section on the SSD manufacturers website. Most of them will include a free utility that you can download from their site that will do the same thing. During the cloning process, you will want to have both HDD and SSD hooked up to the machine. The only reason that I can think of that you may want to unhook the HDD after the cloning process is to make sure the SSD drive boots up with your cloned Windows installation. After that, you can rehook the HDD and format it if you like.


Sir, you may follow this How-To Geek article:

Important: Always backup precious data in a separate drive or any cloud storage (e.g. Google Drive, OneDrive etc.) before doing any steps.


This is one of the downsides of the Windows platform. I am a Mac user and the process for me is so simple in comparison that it’s laughable.
A free for 30 days application will create a full bootable clone of my internal SSD on an external drive. I then boot the Mac with the clone and reverse clone the contents to a new drive.
I use the same software to make weekly updates which only copy changes on the source but keep the originals in a “safety net” in case i need to revert.
I never realized how complicated it was to do the same thing on a Windows PC until I read the excellent article link provided by Biswa.


It is clearly just a difference of perspective and knowledge of your favorite operating system. My last new Windows SSD clone was the same simple process - use the free included software, clone to the new drive externally, swap the drives, and all worked perfect. Trying to do that with my daughter’s Mac was not quite so simple for me.


Thanks everyone for their input! Having read more on this process, I have noticed that cloning might not be the most popular (just adding to my confusion!). A whole lot of sites suggest using fresh install. I guess I need to read up more. Only problem I am having is finding sites (or suggestions) in which the fresh install instructions/pics are mainly done on a laptop - mine is a desktop. Thanks again!


Have a look at this HTG article and see if it works for you.

You may want to print it out so you can read and follow the steps as you go along. Let us know if this works for you.


Guys and girls…I am back…having read and reread a WHOLE lot of the sites on the pros and cons of cloning and/or clean install, I have decided to go with the clean install…I sure like beating my head on concrete. I did not know about my Windows 10 having UEFI and creating a boot drive from this…to partisan or not to… not finding any full step-by-step instructions in installing a SSD into the comp, along side the HDD. So, I guess what my question is to the group is: Has anyone tried the DELL upgrade help section? If so, were they knowledgeable in TOTAL set up or did they leave you hanging? Thanks a million! Jonny


Just wanted to get those interested up-to-date on my situation with the Dell Inspiron 3470 desktop - was wanting to install a SSD next to the HDD that came from the factory. Having contacted the company I bought the SSD from and contacting Dell, I now learned (and why these companies did not advise me originally) the 3470 will NOT support the originally HDD and a new SSD. It will support taking out the HDD (which is brand new) and installing two SSD. The SSD company advised I could always find somewhere in the inside to place the SSD. Also stated I could possibly remove the Disc drive and place it there…hmmmm…I tried placing the SSD everywhere but there is no room with the HDD. Was also advised if I DID find an area to put the SSD, I would need a splitter cable. I asked to order one…nope…they do not sale those. Only the SATA cable which I bought not knowing the SSD would not fit in the comp.
My only question is would it be beneficial to try to upgrade an old Inspiron 660 that I have laying around - the one that went into BLOD in Sept>