Chrome Pinned tabs not working?


Hey All, I tried this method from the article but it seem not to work anymore, does anyone know why or has a better solution?


That article was last updated in January, 2011 - so it may no longer be useful today.

Perhaps @AkemiIwaya could have a look and offer some help.


@No_Body & @Straspey - I just finished updating the article to reflect the current method of achieving the same “open with pinned tabs” function. This newer method is a lot quicker and simpler to implement. :slight_smile:

Happy browsing!! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


Two issue:

  • The screenshots are old too.
  • The new updated date & time hides the old one.


I added two new screenshots along with the updated top portion, but I left the rest of the article and associated screenshots in place below the Previous Method header…

As for the date change, that was an automatic thing done by the system, which I have no control over.


Not a problem! Thanks for pinging me about it. :slight_smile: