Chrome main page went blank - no customization


Maybe I did something trying to fix another problem (right click on desktop for new folder crashes PC) but I otherwise suspect that the jump from 72 … to 73 Chrome versions stripped my custom picture, links and ability to even customize my google chrome browser main opened page or subsequent open pages? Anyone else notice this? Page had a photo background and links to places like Airnow and stuff, all gone. My Windows 10 did update too yesterday come to think of it…was it Windows?
PS wonder what happened with Gmail and Drive Tuesday?


You might have other things going on with Windows and Chrome is being affected in some way. Have you checked for corrupt system files?


Thanks Larry. Did try this but didn’t help out with this particular boo boo.


I tested the update just now and don’t see any issues, perhaps the new version isn’t compatible with your theme?

Did you try going into the advanced Chrome settings and restoring settings to their original defaults?


Yes, I did the reset, without a sustained difference. Thanks for suggestions!


Do you login to Chrome? Or use it without a login?


Yes, I am logged in, I just put a new theme in place and now it is showing bookmarked links below the google search box as before. I had no theme before since recently when somehow the whole page went just plain? Shake my head sometimes! I had a photoshop image before and also I have noticed that previously, there was a little settings gear on the themed page that you could click and it was to personalize, which is gone now. No big deals, just always something changing as we go down the google road.