Chart of video file capabilities


I use VideoProc to download YouTube videos during my free-bandwidth period and view them with VLC at a more convenient time. (AKA - after coffee). It offers a series of formats. I have been selecting the file with the most MB for music videos, and the least MB for junk files.

Probably because I do not speak Geek, I cannot find a chart that tells me what I have gained by the choosing the file with the most MB for music - and what I have lost by choosing the one with the least MB.

I would like to either confirm what I am doing is what I want to do. Or make more intelligent selections of which file extension to download.




I use youtube-dl. It’s free, open -source, python language, cross-platform (i.e. works in Linux, Mac, Windows). Also it provides many audio and video formats. Here is the link:

This idea works sometime. More size = more quality (with oversimplify). Here are the charts:

  1. Wikipedia: Video file formats
  2. Wikipedia: Audio file formats