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I am still using Windows 7 on my laptop. About two weeks ago, I downloaded a lot of icons. This ‘‘operation’’ was mainly due to the fact that I wanted some new, modern icons instead of the usual icons that Windows provide or icons that are created when software are installed. Right now, I have an SD Card plugged to my laptop (21 GB are still free from the 64 GB capacity it has). I also regularly plug a USB Drive (25 GB are still free from the 32 GB capacity it has). I want to change the icon of both device with a downloaded icon. So, I wanted to know, dear forum members, if it’s possible to go ahead and, if changing icons won’t delete any data stored on these devices? Or, do they need to be formatted before I can change their icons ?

Thanks in advance.

This article should do the trick for you.

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An icon is associated with a shortcut. Changing an icon changes that shortcut, and will not affect the app (program) at all.

Let’s say you want to change the icon of your Excel app (program). You wouldn’t / couldn’t do that directly to the Excel.exe file. Instead, you would do that by locating its shortcut (usually found somewhere within your Start Menu or Taskbar or maybe your desktop) and right clicking on the shortcut icon for its Properties menu and making your changes. So no worries about any effects on your Excel program or any of your Excel data files.

You repeatedly mentioned hard drive sizes. Rest assured that shortcuts (and the icons associated within) are tiny files that take up almost no space even if you have shortcuts by the thousands.

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Thanks for the reply, Hermitt

Thanks for the reply, ReadandShare.

Yes. For example, you mentioned Excel and I’ve, in fact, downloaded two different icons for the saved .xls :- Excel 2013 and Excel 2016.

About the Removable Drives, you know, I wanted a ‘‘certified answer’’ as a friend previously told me that if you have a USB plugged and it has some data on it, then if you decide to change it’s icon / the way it appears on My Computer page, you could end up losing all data on it.

I kind of dislike the icon for the SD Card - it looks like an old Thumb Drive and it is written SDXC on the side.

But, now that I’ve read your reply, I know its the ‘‘certified answer’’ I was waiting for. I should add ‘‘that’s why HTG is a must for all IT lovers’’ :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again