Can't successfully install any driver through device manager


About 2 weeks ago I switched my hard drive out for an SSD and clean installed windows on it. Recently, I started to plug peripherals in like my mic, my Xbox controller, and my printer but none of them connect. I’ve scoured the internet looking for answers and ive tried mostly everything out there. Ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, going through the file locations of the drivers and even turning it on and off again but to no avail. When I go into Bluetooth and other devices, my mic and controller say driver error while my printer says driver is unavailable. When I try reinstalling the drivers through device manager Im greeted with, “One of the installers for this device cannot perform the installation at this time.” Im stumped and I’ve ran out of ideas and google pages.


A few more bits of information will help isolate the problem’s source.

What version of Windows? e.g. Win10 Pro 64 bit, Win10 Home 32 bit, Win7 32 bit

Has Windows been activated on Microsoft’s licensing servers? (some features are blocked until activation)


Have you updated your BIOS/UEFI lately?


It is a Windows 10 64-bit and it has been activated.


I just updated my bios and it still doesnt work.


Researched this a bit and since it’s activated Win10, with updated bios it seems there is very likely an odd corruption in the Windows Update/Install subsystem, possibly happened during the clean install.

Check the windows update section of settings for pending/failed updates and if there are any retry the updates (failed/pending can stop alll other updates & installs including drivers).

If that doesn’t get things going right, then I’d next try a partial re-install with the new Fresh Start system to see if that fixes it.


Try sfc /scannow


I checked Windows update and there was new update ( KB4480116). I installed it and now everything works! It doesn’t make sense because I have been checking for updates on pretty much a daily basis but Im not going to argue with it.