Cannot update Samsung S9 to Android 9


I have T-Mobile service. I bought a Samsung S9 several months ago from a vendor. It was an “unlocked” phone originally set up for ATT.
It came with Android 8. Since I bought it, both T-Mobile and ATT (and Samsung) have released version 9 of Android. However, since the phone shows an ATT IMEI number, T-Mobile cannot send me an updated operating system. Likewise, since the phone is on the T-Mobile network, ATT cannot (or will not) send me an update (despite promises to do so). Samsung is no help, even with the Smart Start program, they cannot update my phone.
The phone works fine, but Android 9 has many enhancements. I was told by T-Mobile that it would never be a problem, but of course it is.
Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this done?
I have spend countless hours on the phone with ATT, T-Mobile and Samsung. I saved $300 on the phone, but now what?


You should be able to go to and get the latest firmware update to your phone. Just make sure you update by the model number of your phone as it was from ATT originally. In the settings you will find the About Phone and you will see the model number as SM-960XXXXXX Just type that in the search.

You do need an account to download the file.

Follow the directions that are provided and there should be no problems.


Since so many people seem to be buying unlocked phones, it’s too bad that the carriers for the branded phones, or the carrier that is assigned to the phone through a contract doesn’t have any responsibility to provide the automatic (or even manual) updates through their data services.
I’m not comfortable with doing this sort of forced update to the phone. ATT or T-Mobile should step up and take care of their customers.