Cannot stop HowToGeek popups


I can no longer use HowToGeek because the newsletter popups won’t stop.
How can I get them to stop?
Firefox with security add-ons.


I will ask the webmaster about this.


If you block all cookies, you’re also going to block the cookies that we use to make sure you don’t see the popup again, or the cookies that make sure that newsletter subscribers never see them in the first place.

Cookies aren’t the devil. They are useful for many reasons.


I had the same problem. This solved my problem. Thanks.


I have cleared all my geek cookies and I ALLOW cookies, but I cannot use HTG because the popups continue every three seconds.
Which cookies do I need to allow to make this stop?


As a workaround, you can use any ad-blocker add-on (or extension) in your browser to hide that popup.


Biswa - I have Ad-Block Plus, and it isn’t working.
HTG is using some new technology - these are the nastiest popups I have seen in 15 years.


Just a thought here - but, besides add-ons, have you gone into your Firefox options and configurations menus to make sure all the boxes for “Block Popups” are checked ?

Have look at this help page from Mozilla troubleshooting and see if this helps. Let us know if anything here is useful.

Pop-up blocker settings, exceptions and troubleshooting

This document explains all of the settings available in Mozilla Firefox for controlling pop-ups.


What security addons do you have installed? Something is still blocking the cookie.