Can i use this adaptor or seek replacement


Hi, I was using samsung recharger supplied with my phone samsung galaxy j2 pro, of which i am giving you the description in a jpg file
After two years , i had slow charging problem and i checked and replaced the battery.
But the problem still persisted and it took almost 4 to 5 hours to charge. i tried with other plugs and found the problem still existed.
then i thought of changing the charger, and i aksed the shop technician who sells genuine samsung charger and he says that the size of individual charger would be different from the original supplied with the phone, and i he has given s original adaptor by samsung having the same name but different specification.
He says that it is compatible with my phone. i enclose that also.
i am new to this field.
Ofcourse, this adaptor fills 0 to 100 by 2 hours 50 minutes.
can i use this or seek replacement, as the battery capacity is 2600 mha
will the battery last normal years by using the new adopter

the 1 pciture is the new one
2 picture is the old adapter details


I feel like we had this discussion here years ago… but yes, that adapter should work. The actual “charger” is built into the phone, not the power brick, so all that thing really does is supply energy to the charger.

As you can see, the new charger puts out more voltage and amperage than a standard USB charger, and so it can supply more energy to the phone for faster charging. I would expect that it will work fine for as long as your phone lasts.


Yes the phone itself will decide how many amps it receives. If it can take advantage of the amps on offer it will and your charging time will be reduced accordingly, if not you may notice that the charger becomes rather hot a little like a transformer turned down to minimum output the excess voltage is converted to heat.


Hi, Wilson, yes i raised a topic years ago about the modem charger specification and not mobile phone charger.Thanks for the neat explanation about the charger being inbuilt.
My concern is , will it affect discharge, if i charge from the new adopter. It just seems, not sure, that when i charge with the old adapter, it takes nearly 5 hours full charge, but the retaining capacity of battery seems tolast longer than when i charge with the new adapter.
Is there any relation between the accepted charge load from the charger.Is it that the old charger is normal usb chargerand the new one special charger.
the amp is 0.15A in old charger. Does that mean the initial charger packed with the Samsung phone is a normal usb charger.
Can i count the hours of charge, normal charing hours, ceteri paribus, like there is no power cut and normal power supply with the above specifications and the charger capacity of my phone 2600mha
One more query , wilson, is it normal for a standard usb charger to charge 4 and 1/2 hours to charge 100%(to 2600 mha)
Another one, the new adopter, as alrady said takes 2 hours 50 minutes to charge 100%. is it abnormal.
I ask this query because, i am trying to continue with the phone, with replacement than for go for a new phone.
I bought this phone in 2016 and no problem so far except, battery change a few days ago as a first replacement.
can i expect a reply ,from you,
Moreover, i have reset the phone to factory settings there by uninstalling all the software updates of the phone, in a bid to find if it would have been the cause . please wilson, sir,


Hi, Rod, will you explain a little more . Do you mean to say, that if extra charge is available, the device will be hot.


Hi, Ok. rereading of wilson has made something clear. But , what is theI formula for finding the battery to charge to full charge or 100% from zero…
i remember wilson, has said some formula in this regrad.
could i expect, his reply on this.
an example would be easy to understand.


In an ideal world, you figure the number of watts the charger puts out and compare that to the watt-hour capacity of the battery.

Watts is Volts x Amps.
A 2600mAh battery at 3.7v will hold 9.62 watts-hours
A 5v 1A charger will put out 5 watts.

So you should be able to charge the phone in around 2 hours with the second charger. The fact that you can’t suggests that the charger is not as efficient as it can be.

Note that the first charger puts out 2A at 5v, which is twice the current of the bottom charger. So it should charge roughly twice as fast. That’s about the only reasonable measurement you can make - and your experience tends to support that hypothesis.


hi, wilson thanks for your lucid explanation as always.
My another doubt.
When i plug the first time , the new charger, i had an alert,
only one time and i could not reproduce it.
it said, use compatible charger. your volt is 3.67v
It says with power lightning symbol.
i just closed and i could not reproduce that alert any more.
By the by hwo

  1. how did you find the volt as exact 3.7 volts
    2 which would have alerted. i am using an app called full charge alarm to stop at 95 at high and 14 at low level .


hi, wilson, i noticed a different voltage when the battery reached about 85 percent. it shows that the voltage near to 4.01.Is it because of voltage fluctuations in general.
the fulll charge alarm app shows everything. the time of maximum charging etc. but i want to know , if there exist a fixed formula.
when it reached 10%, the mah tab shows 260 mah.
In the previous post, i wrote about an alert on use compatible adaptor.
That is nothing but the details ,i accidentally touched the volt tab there.
so,when i receive 4 volt , the charging rate is somewhat high it it not , wilson
so, does that mean, that it is not uniform charging batteries, it charges at a different rate according to the inbuilt charger settings in the given charger chip.
charger ship is the new term to me.
expecting valuable replies from you, sir,


The battery voltage is actually almost never exactly 3.7 volts. A fully charge LiPo cell supplies about 4.2 volts, and your phone shuts off when the battery is below 3.2 volts. So 3.7 is considered the average voltage for a LiPo cell.

That’s correct. Since the battery has a voltage range of 3.2 to 4.2, 4v is about 80% charged. LiPo batteries have a somewhat linear voltage curve, but due to the way batteries age and the current demand, you can’t use voltage as as a perfect estimate of capacity and charge level.

As I’ve said before, there are only two points at which you know the exact state of the battery: when it’s completely full and when it’s completely empty.


Hi, thanks for jet speed reply.
So , the charger does not charge your phone in uniform rate. is it correct , sir,
So, a uniform formula could not be evolved for finding the maximum hours.
i will send a screen shot of full charge alaram app screen shot


here is the screen shot of the mah at 74 percent of the battery level. This may be near to the hours.
so, if 260 mah is shown as 10%,2600 mah is 100%
can we evolve a formula, assuming the volt is 3.7

i especially ask this , as any adopter i use, the full charge alarm gives me , maximum hours as 2.54 minutes and then it shows reduction in time , when charging…


Hi, all
Now i am using the new adopter . Thanks for the advice from all
My sub query
Now, I am getting full charged from the new adopter in about 2 1/2 hours.
But the Plug i use is a Big plug rather than ordinary normal plulg point.
Is there a performance difference from these two pllugs.
Will the big plug point charge faster than the normal plug point


The adapter given by the local sellers are not of the same voltage which original one had.There is difference of Amps in them,So get that one which have same ampere that original adapter had.


Hi, i am having samsung original genuine battery. this is bigger in size than the original supplied at the time of purchase of mobile.
Hardly it may cost 1000 rs , but samsung gives less amp vol. as charger. as wilson point out that it is the device that determines the intake of power.