Can data be recovered while my lenovo laptop was resetting at 2%


Hello, I sold my lenovo tablet and i was resetting it at Starbucks. It was taking some time and the buyer needed to go. It was at 2% (black background) and he said he’ll just reset it himself. I gave it away not thinking of possible data recovery. Can somebody help me understand the process? Once he goes home and opens the laptop, will it resume the resetting process, thereby erasing all my information? Or is there a chance he will gain access to my files and all my data prior to initializing the reset? Thank you so much for your help!


If he opens the cover it should resume wiping the data.

However If he goes home leaves the lid closed, unscrews the bottom and takes out the hard drive, he should be able to get almost everything off the drive.

I think he might also be able open the lid and abort the wipe manually but I suspect it won’t boot at that point and he’ll need to take out the drive to get at the data.

Sorry to be the bearer of the potentially bad news.


Oh no. I’m screwed.
How about my browsing history? Will he have access to it? Some sites i have the autofill password =(


It’s impossible to say what data or how much data can be recovered at the 2% completed level. I’d assume all of the data including saved passwords was still recoverable.


Yeah, I’d bet stuff is still recoverable at that point.

If you’re selling a computer, you should always wipe the hard drive before listing it for sale, that way this kind of thing does not come up.


:sob: just done resetting all my passwords.
I only have myself to blame. Thanks for your responses!


Good you took the trouble to change your passwords. Too many people remain unaware of the personal data that still reside in the devices they sold, or even if they are aware, they think account break in’s or identity thefts won’t happen to them!


You need to at least give yourself credit for starting the wipe process before handing it over. And then give yourself a gold star for quickly changing your passwords.

About 15 years ago a sister in-law asked me to check out an iBook she bought from a guy in Alaska. The guy had left all of his personal files on the iBook but lucky for him my sister in-law and I are honest and I did a clean install of the OS erasing all his files for him.


Thank you for your kind words!