Build my own Ethernet cable, Router to WiFi


I want to build a ethernet cable to connect my router to my Wi-Fi, My question is do I use the T568A setup or the T568B setup please.
Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


It doesn’t matter, so long as you use the same order at each end.


Thanks for your quick reply, I can now get part completed today. Thanks Again.


Typically your router is your wifi, unless you are connecting to an access point. So maybe you mean to connect your modem to your router/wifi?

T568A is the preferred wiring pattern but you can use either. If you happen to use T568A on one end and T568B on the other end then you have created a crossover cable rather than a straight-through cable. Many modern devices can compensate for this and still allow you to use a crossover cable, but ideally you only want to use a crossover cable in situations when you are connecting like devices (computer to computer, switch to switch).