Boot gets stuck. MacOS Mojave on VirtualBox on Windows 10


Hey there !

I was just trying to get MacOS running on VirtualBox on my Windows 10 computer. To get this done I followed this great HowTo:

However I get to Step 7 of this article and everything works fine. But when I boot the VirtualBox (with ISO ejected) I get stuck at the EFI Internal Shell:

The only difference from the HowTo and my set up is that I´m using an iso of MacOS Mojave which a friend of mine created with his Mac.

I´m grateful for any help!

Please let me know if you need further information.



Insert the ISO and restart the VM, maybe?


Then I get back to step 5


Since Apple very much does NOT want anyone to do this, I would assume that it failing is due to a change in Mojave that prevents the High Sierra instructions from working. I suggest looking for instructions written for Mojave and try those out.


That´s what I feared. This probably is the reason why it´s not working. Was hoping it´s another issue.

Thank you anyway !


Did you ever find a better guide? I’m also trying to install Mojave in VirtualBox and getting stuck at the EFI Internal Shell. I really don’t want to use a downloaded macOS file from the Internet, so I’d really like to make the one I created from my Mac to work. If not, maybe I’ll just install High Sierra…


Hey ! Unfortunately I couldn‘t find a guide using an image of Mojave. However I found a guide with a vmdk that works for me:

Maybe you can use this as your backup plan.
When using High Sierra I wasn‘t able to download the latest xcode version. So this was no option for me.

If you would be so kind to give us a shout when you find a working solution, that would be great !


No problem (yeah I know Xcode is a problem)!


I found a guide for Linux, but I’m not sure how well that translates into Windows:


Maybe the clover.iso which is used there is the missing point for the howtogeek guide with Mojave


Hehe, pretty sure OP is using VMware vmdk, not the vbox one. The difference is apfs. Vmware support it ,vbox don’t. Just download vbox vmdk, without APFS in the name.
I made same mistake yesterday:-)


I think I found the problem:

It automatically uses an APFS drive.

EDIT: Check this out! TheTechBlogger created an ISO to get EFI to view APFS. He has a tutorial on getting Mojave in VirtualBox


Yes, don’t use APFS because it causes Mojave (and others) to not boot.


Yeah, unless you use an APFS driver. And Mojave requires APFS. TheTechBlogger’s driver works well.


Thank you ! With this I got my ISO up and running!

Next problem follows quick. Can´t connect my iphone. Shows up in System Report of the Mac but can´t access via iTunes or Xcode.


Make sure you send the iPhone though VirtualBox. I don’t remember how to do this, but in the menu, there should be a way to send a USB device to the VM


Yeah that‘s what I did. I added an USB filter to the virtual device which captures the iphone as soon as it is connected