Boot From a USB Drive Even if your BIOS Won’t Let You


I just ran across this article from July 2017 as I was researching how to solve that problem on my old HP Pavilion a1600n, I downloaded the most recent .zip file ver 5.0.15. However, after installing the Plop loader plpbt.img on a floppy disc as well as burning plpbt.iso to CD, neither works on this PC. The initial boot selection menu comes up as described in the article, but as soon as I select “USB”, the program freezes. The article also suggests to try plpbtnoemul.iso but that file does not appear to be contained in the .zip that I downloaded.

I’ve tried to search for alternatives to Plop but so far I have not found any, My dilemma is that I’ve created a USB bootable backup for my system, but now I have no way to use it in the event I need to do a restore.

I’m hoping someone can shed some light on this issue. Thanks


Hello, I think your problem is not uncommon. But I thnk that if you hit f9 while it is staring you get a boot menu and on some HP systems that as I understand it is the only way to boot to USB , especially UEFI mode.

With that said if you want to boot from your back up then you can not very well restore from that backup while it is the running OS.You probably should boot to a CD or different USB to restore.

Also on the issue of Booting, I assume this is a windows system, but I think that if you were to install GrUB it would detect a bootable OS and give it o you in a menu at boot time. I have no idea if one can easily install GRUB on windows without linux.


Good suggestion, and thanks! Turns out that on my HP Windows system, ESC rather than F9 brings up a boot menu at start up. With my bootable USB drive plugged into a USB port, and when I was able to bring up the boot menu, the USB drive was listed under hard drives. Selecting it allowed the PC to boot from the USB drive.

I had erroneously figured that since I could not configure CMOS for a USB boot order (even with the USB drive plugged in), i Was out of luck being able to perform a USB boot.

I have an older version of “Bounce Back” from CMS Products that allows me to essentially incrementally clone the C: drive of my PC. So if the C: hard drive fails, I can boot and run the entire system from the USB drive. And as part of the cloning process, Bounce Back installs a recovery utility that allows me to clone the contents of the USB drive back onto a new hard drive. It is really a very handy backup utility.


I am glad it worked or you.