Bluetooth Ear Buds Need to Sync to Each Other


I’ve got this pair of wireless earphones called the ESONStyle S990. They are pretty good, but lately, I’ve had a challenging time getting them to pair to each other so that I can hear them both at the same time from a single source. I get in my Bluetooth list an S990L and S990R but I used to show just one of them and both would connect to each other and then my computer or phone, depending on what I used at that moment. The documentation states taking them out of their case and they will sync to each other. It did that once, but now they seem to be stuck in a solo mode. The documentation is limited and I’m still waiting on a response from their support site.

Does anyone have experience with something similar to this on this device or a device like it?


Does the issue occur no matter what device you use the ear buds on, or just a certain device?


It matters not which device. In fact the process where they bind to each other needs to happen before connecting to a device. I specifically turn off Bluetooth on devices while testing this. I swear there is some trick to this that’s not documented properly.


If it happens on all devices then it is likely an issue with the buds, so you will have to wait on a response from their support folks.


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