Blue Screen Error advice needed


Windows 10 system was running fine [with multiple shutoffs] for a few days after the latest system update and then computer started entering a Blue Screen error LOOP of error code 0x000021a. The things tried in order are:

  • Undervolting CPU when Asus Gate monitor noted the CPU at +90c which then reported the CPU not going above 75c

  • Attempting to safeboot system by hard resetting 3 times during windows logo loading screen [can’t use F8 due to that key being an Asus Gate feature access asigned key]. Always got the same Blue Screen error and code instead of advance startup options.

  • Using boot to USB Windows 10 installer to run Startup repair. Reported no error to fix.

  • Suspecting bad installed driver, used USB installer to system restore to main restore point that was auto created before the critical windows update on the 9th. Rebooted and once again Blue Screen error.

  • Used USB Windows 10 installer to command prompt main drive to default startup to Safeboot but after exiting, shuting down, and starting up main drive, still was sent to Blue Screen error after a few seconds of window logo and loading circles animation.

  • USB installer to command prompt to try ‘cleanup-image /revertpendingactions’ and rebooted, still error

  • Chkdsk /r /f, rebooted, error screen

  • Chkdsk /r and rebooted then noticed Blue Screen error code had changed to Critical Process Died and am unsure when the code changed after system restore since I only glanced at the code and was fairly sure it was the same but in retrospect am not confident in that statement now…


What version of Windows 10 are you running?

It wouldn’t be anything new if Microsoft released a bad update that causes blue screens, that’s why its best to delay updates for as long as possible which you can do with the Pro version, but not so much with the Home version. Chances are the Windows updates will cause more issues than they immediately fix.

Even if you have the Home version all hope is not lost, you just have to go through the process of removing the bad update rather than being able to stop it from installing in the first place:


Thank you for the response. USB installer was not able to uninstall any windows updates and there was no “Go back to previous version” option either. Using command prompt to list the updates so I can uninstall the lastest one only showed that most recent update was on March 12th so I do not believe the april updates exsist any longer since the system restore.

At this point I’m thinking of replacing computer parts slowly and hoping its the issue but since the mobo is a lga1156 chipset, which that lost support in 2011, I don’t want to spend a couple hundred just to update an the cpu to something very old. Unfortunately, from what I’ve read, updating the mobo will completely crash my windows 10 because complicated reasons that nothing only helped me understand throroughly.

  • Is it true that my version of Windows 10 Ult will be completely trashed if I try installing it as the MAIN/ONLY drive of a completely fine and healthy lga1151 computer? Everything except the Win10 on that computer is different from the old computer.

I did try googling questions like those and I was not satified with the vague answers I got.

EDIT: Nvm, found this “Moving HDD with Win 10” forum post with my answers. I only wish is was more up to date instead of 2015…