Blocking UNKNOWN in iPhone


I’m getting calls from UNKNOWN several times a day. I followed instructions from the internet as to how to block it, but it’s not working.

As you can see, it says BLOCKED, but no it’s not. (Added a contact and put “unknown” in the fields first name, last name, company and phone number. Then I was able to put it in the blocked call list in my settings).

I just went to SETTINGS and checked the BLOCKED list, UNKNOWN was NOT listed. I manually listed it, so we’ll see if that works (I have my doubts, since a lot of others are saying this method did NOT work for them). I will update this tomorrow as to whether it works.


UPDATE: Didn’t work. HOWEVER, on the screen it shows UNKNOWN only, but under RECENTS it shows UNKNOWN CALLER, so I added unknown caller to the contacts and have blocked it, so I shall wait until the jerk tries calling me back.


If you get this working wouldn’t it also block other unknown calls? Could be a problem if you are expecting a call from someone who doesn’t show their caller ID.


I never answer private or unknown calls, so no problem. I won’t use “Do Not Disturb” because I do get calls from numbers that show ID on the screen, but if I don’t recognize it, I let it go to voice mail. If they don’t leave a voice mail, they get blocked. If they do, I create a contact. I have over 300 numbers being blocked now, and adding to it every day.


Seems like a lot of effort to block them, I typically let the majority of calls go to voicemail regardless of who is calling, if they leave a voicemail then it must be important enough to call back. Otherwise they can just text me.

Plus, my voicemails get converted to text, so if its a spam call I don’t even need to bother listening to the voicemail.

Your method is probably similar to trying to block every email spammer, like whack a mole. I’m sure you have more rewarding ways to spend your time.


I do it so I don’t have to listen to the phone ringing when it’s not an important call.


So far today, NO UNKNOWN phone calls. I’m assuming that my second effort paid off. Keeping my fingers crossed.


It did not work, but I think I know why. You have to COPY Unknown Caller, then PASTE it under the phone number space, but when it pastes, there’s NO space between Unknown and Caller. I tried double spacing, but COPY still deletes the space. No matter what I try, it will not put the SPACE in between the 2 words.


To solve this, I had to create a (no more than 30 seconds) SILENT audio file, convert it to m4r, then add it to my ringtones, go to the UNKNOWN CALLER in my contact list, and set the SILENTRING.m4r file as it’s ring tone. Thanks, Apple, for not allowing us to do it the easy way. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: