Batch script to copy/install software


Need a batch script to copy file.exe from one computer (in domain) to another computer then run/install the software silently. Basic,simple, no frills.


it depends on the software; different software often has a different “silent” setup option, and not all software has the option for a silent setup. This is also going to depend on where your software is stored on the network.

So assuming your server is named “server”, your software installers are in a directory named "software’, and the program is in a directory named “WordPro”, your batch script might look like:

copy \\server\software\WordPro\setup.exe C:\temp
cd \temp
setup /s

Of course, you have to run that script on the target computer, so it’s really not very useful - because you could just run the setup program directly. I’ve encountered very few setup programs that can’t simply executed from a network drive.


Tom: Thank you for the reply. My apologies, I forgot to mention that I need to copy and install to a remote computer via batch script wherein it ask for the IP/Name of the node to be install onto.


You can’t execute remote code with a batch script - at least not without additional software - and a batch script can’t ask for things like an IP address.

You really need some sort of remote administration tool for that.