Apple will not resolve an issue


I have had an issue since January of 2018 and a ticket open since 01/23/2018 and a second on on 03/23/2018. The developers acknowledged the problem in March and are able to recreate it, yet it has yet to be resolved. The Senior Advisor has contacted the developers on multiple occasions but has gotten no where.

The issue began with a High Sierra update in January 2018, where, when the icon is changed on an Excel spreadsheet and an alias is created and moved to the dock, , within a couple of days, the icon reverts to the Excel default in the dock and the alias itself.

This has occurred on every version of the MacOS including Mojave and all versions of Excel since 01/18/2018/ Release 16.90 (there have been 17 releases). Additionally, Microsoft states it is an Apple issue and not theirs.

Has anyone else encountered this or know how to esculate within the Apple chain?


Typically you need to get more than a hundred people complaining about the bug before an OS vendor will allocate programmer resources to fix it. Alternatively if you can get a tech journalist to publish an article about the bug that can get action.