Apple iPad Activation lock


Anyone… Please read below and help me if you can.

To All at How to Geek,

I am a religious reader of How to Geek. I love reading all the material you submit day to day and have gained much knowledge on the general workings of the highly complicated Microsoft software environment.

I do have a question and problem that I would ask if you could address, either through How To Geek or possibly directly to my email.

I have owned an Apple iPad (which I would have never bought on my own but was given to me as a Christmas Present from my Parents). I believe it was the Christmas of 2013… I use it mainly for my music collection of better than 5,000 vinyl albums dating from the early 1900s to modern day music and the love of picture taking, once in a while for email but not that often. The iPad became so easy to operate in Bluetooth mode with my wireless speakers that it was a no brainer to use at the time.

Here’s my problem----A few month’s ago I turned it on (iPad) and blew right by the “Updates” to listen to music and much to my surprise (Like Microsoft) it took off after ??? time and updated anyhow. This seemed to be of no big deal at the time but the next time I went to use it, it came up with an Apple ID Activation Lock. This seems to be not a problem also, but I used it quite a bit at a Job that I had at the time (No longer employed there) and actually set it up with my work email. Now that I am gone and the email non-existent I can no longer log into the iPad at all. I have a very large amount of re-digitized “on my own” Music and a rare album collection that took 100’s of hours to reproduce that is just sitting there, not to mention the 100’s and 1000’s of photographs. I contacted Apple several times and they cannot and will not help me. They said I have to take it into an Apple dealer with the proof of purchase and they “might” be able to help. I don’t know of anyone that saves purchase receipts for 6 years or more, and besides that, it was given to me by my parents and they, unfortunately, are both gone. I have given them the security question answers and they (Apple Help Desk) come back saying I did not answer them correctly! That in itself is just a CROCK. They are very specific questions and pertain to only me and I also use them for a few other of my security based software’s so I know the answers. Why does Apple have the questions for means of a second tier identification when very sincerely it does not work. If I had found or stole the iPad I would not have tried to contact them on several occasions in fear of something bad happening. The nearest Apple dealer is approx 60 miles down the road give or take (I live in the country). I have been out to the internet looking for a way to get in but it all seems like hogwash to get into it. If the iPad was not truly mine I would not be writing you this email either to see if there is a way to “UN-RANSOM” it. This “security lock” if you will is an unfortunate way of life these days I do understand, but there has to be a route that is easier than having the need for the manufacturer to get hold of it to unlock it. APPLE brand is something that I will never ever purchase on my own in my lifetime. If they can get into it (so they say) why can’t I get hold of or have Apple on the phone and through the iTunes software over the internet get into it. After that I can prove that it is mine I’m absolutely sure of that.

This is a very real problem that Apple has made as there are hundreds of sights and a plethora of info on how to get around the ID Activation lock. There is even a video on someone demonstrating taking the iPad apart working with the motherboard as if they are un-sodering the security chip, putting it back together and Whala it works. I don’t think it is that easy and would not consider it. I am not going that route as I don’t want to lose any of my efforts with the music and pictures in doing so.

Do you have or know of any suggestions??? This would be an interesting “How to Geek” topic to explore and write about for those of us in the same boat, but I’m sure there is some sort of legal ramifications attached.

Thanks in Advance


David Prim

Cadiz, Kentucky U.S.


You need to contact Apple support. They should be able to help you unlock your iPad.

Due to the incidence of people stealing mobile devices and trying to unlock them to resell them, we can’t offer help or assistance on bypassing security protection on your iPad.