Anyone Else Got This Problem with VLC .MP3 File Association?


No problems at all until October’s ‘Patch Tuesday’ update…

I’ve always associated my music (.mp3) files with VLC player. But since Oct, Win 10 Home has broken that association! Now, when clicking a music file from Explorer, I get the dialog box “Open With…” - and have to select VLC to play each time! Additional details:

  1. Ticking the “always use this app” does nothing.
  2. Going to VLC app and ticking .mp3 file association does nothing either.
  3. Going to Win 10 Settings - Apps - Default doesn’t help either: The installed VLC doesn’t show up as a choice at all.
  4. Installing Windows Store’s VLC and associating music files with that app will work. But I don’t want to be forced to use Win Store apps!

Anyone else got this problem?


Have you tried uninstalling, then re-installing VLC?


I saw 3-4 questions in SuperUser this week where users got same issue with file associations. I’d suggest not to use this 18’October update until MS fixes bugs.

Do you have the preinstalled Music app in Windows? How many porgrams list popup in that ‘Open With’ menu?

There are some DESTRUCTIVE ways to force Windows file association. If you’re familiar with registry and command prompt I can provide those.

Note: Windows store apps handle file registry in different manner. You can use that without any issue.


It’s a bug in the latest windows update. The only way to “fix” it, so far, is to roll back the update.

Win 10 has had several buggy updates lately but the MS bugs haven’t been limited to just Win 10. I got tired of dealing with buggy updates, and that was security only updates, in Win 7 and stopped updating it period. I’m so finished with MS once Win 7 reaches EOL (I’m pretty much finished with MS already in that I’m no longer using Office 2010, preferring LibrOffice)!

I recently updated Malwarebytes and it started turning off Web Protection again. This stupid bug keeps cropping up every few updates. I had to restore the image I made before updating to “fix” it. I won’t miss it once I switch to Linux.


Uninstall / reinstall did the trick (although I was lazily hoping to avoid doing that). MP3 files are now associated with VLC again. Thanks!

Win 98 drove me into looking at Linux. Win XP and exp. Win 7 kept me within the Microsoft ecosystem. Now, Win 10 is getting me wondering about Linux again. Sigh…


I use VLC, and I’m not having the problems you described, is why I suggested a re-install. Glad it worked for you. I use Linux Mint, on a separate SSD (not dual boot), and although I use it 50% of the time, there’s certain programs that only work under Windows, so I still maintain my Windows 10 home premium OS.


Now I am seeing this type of situation in my Windows 10 insider build 18277. But that has gone after I remove the pre-installed Music app (with all other UWP programs).


I imagine powerful marketing forces within Microsoft pestering techie coders to keep pushing Microsoft ‘modern’ apps or ‘store’ apps or ‘UWP’ apps or whatever - causing things to break – usually at the expense of legacy apps.


No! there is no breaking-legacy-things going on! It’s built in feature. Let’s take an example – install any two or three media player in Windows. It’ll ask first time to choose default player. But with the UWP world, this becomes little complex.