Antivirus for pc MAC IOS APPLE


Hello i have one subject than i need to have your opinion about.

I have to sel a new pc Mac and i want to instal for him the good antivirus, for that i confused, because it’s my first time to use Mac i don’t know exaclty which antivirus could be good for him.

I want to have yours opinions about Mac Ios Apple antivirus.


iOS: don’t bother. iPhones and iPads can’t really get viruses in the traditional sense, because apps are sandboxed. There are a few ways to attack an iOS through messaging and web browsing, but there are no anti-malware products that will stop that. About the best thing you can do for your friend on iOS is install an ad blocker. I just installed AdBlock for Mobile and forgot about it.

MacOS: there’s very little malware that can attack MacOS. Norton, McAfee, and Trend Micro all have MacOS products, and any of those will work for your friend’s needs. You should be able to purchase those through the App Store or by going directly to the respective web sites.


Ok thank’s for your opinion


I would like to add one more solution. It is Sophos antvirus for MAC. Didn’t have better for my MAC.