All-in-one NSA, Secret Cyber War and contra Tin Foil thread


We may as well have one central depository for the latest in NSA news, real and imagined, instead of seeding other threads with hit and run posts.

We can start with this one:


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What is everyone’s problem…
As if you didn’t know it was going to happen.
And I really don’t think that this deserves a pin…


The programs are bi-partisan and have become “too big to stop”.

Most of us “old timers” guessed about the programs existence from public leaks a long time ago.

From my point of view, I do NOT agree with any of the programs however 48% of folks polled nationally do.

Fortunately being at the very end of my computing days, I’ll never have to worry about the programs.

There is a “Brave New World” coming; G. Orwell was just a bit off in his timing.

The people will get what they deserve based on their ignorance and their vote.


I’ll have to agree with raphoenix a hundred percent. But instead of “Brave New World” coming, I would have to change that to “New World Order” coming.


What is really ashame is all the useless money they waste on their paranoia. The German secret service has just been granted 100 Million Euros ($132 Million) to do the same. What has become of this world we live in.


When your automobile is mandated to report automatically to a central authority your Location, Your Speed, Who is in the vehicle, When the vehicle violates any laws, Etc., Etc… then you know times have changed.

Prototype mandated vehicles are being tested as I post.

Folks better wake up and quit worrying about such silly computer trivia as what’s the latest app to find a donut.


The last reply to this topic is now over 198 days old


We are discussing The Most Serious Topic Facing Mankind beside Global Warming so attempts at humor are appreciated only by the non-informed.


Why wouldn’t a little levity be welcome? We’ll get through this just fine and wait for the next crisis, crash or scandal.


The last reply to this topic is now over 198 days old


Well if all agree that this Topic is non-serious, then it’s ok with me too. I’ve noticed that the new forum is less serious than the old one so will comply with the different rules.


The last reply to this topic is now over 198 days old


A serious question I have is how do the Programs deal with BOTs ??

If they are so good, then why do they just clandestine knock off the BOTs ??


Send jesse in !

But even so we as a people cannot stop the gov. .they do what they want when they want. like the episode where jesse investigates “governmental mind control” as a weapon . .

ps:: hey rick whats that tin foil hat site again ?


I see it a little different, no we want get though this just fine. It has gotten to big and there are to many people in high places involved. All this talk about needing the data to apprehend terrorists is a lot of BS. What about the new NSA Data Center in Utah? Do you think they will stop building or shut down the complex, not hardly. Once it’s up and running and with that much data, all it will take is the turn of a key or the flip of a switch to turn the U.S. into a totalitarian state.



Unfortunately, NO Tin Foil Hat For This Topic. :((


See @ronniesonora posting above.


Ronnie, no, I don’t think it will stop but hope these recent events lead to more transparency. I am, of course, concerned with the erosion of civil rights but what I was trying to imply is that we have survived crisis before. Slavery, war, oil embargo, Watergate and other significant events all shook this country to the core and polarized citizens.

This is not the first government sponsored surveillance program and it won’t be the last black eye.


I’ll just remove the posting and leave my scared sweating avatar behind. :cold_sweat: