Advanced internet club running


Recently I started working in an internet club (I was also surprised they still existed), and I need some help with running the whole thing. I’m not ignorant when it comes to computers, however this is a bit beyond my reach…

Namely, I need some tools in order to achieve the following:

  • automatize video game updates (such as PUBG, League of Legends, Fortnite,, etc.)

I need something to either run the updates from the controlling computer (server), or if they auto-run at a designated time.

  • To make a certain kind of freeze on all of the computers

People have a tendency to change settings (such as mouse sensitivity, graphics, in-game settings, etc.) and fighting with the challenge of changing everything back has become a daily struggle. I never seem to know what has been changed and what hasn’t. Thus, I need a system that will change them all back to preset settings after a command is sent from the server, or when a user logs out, that is, when the computer is restarted.

  • A tool that will help me install certain apps on all computers, or designated computers, directly from the server.

It would be awesome if you guys figured out solutions for any of my problems. Thank you all in advance <3


You might have to invest some money into getting this setup working, like for tools that will allow you to deploy software to the computers, I don’t know of a free option for that…but there could be one out there (In the past I used Dell kace, now I use SCCM). The good thing is the tool should solve two of your problems - both installing software, and updating certain apps.

Doing the freeze should be the easier and cheaper part, you simply setup a roaming profile that all the computers will use, then set it to revert all changes upon logout or restart.


This will probably require custom software, and I don’t think you can do it directly. You’d have to get people to register their scores, and you would then integrate it into your database.

As a super-quick expedient, you could set up a Google Form to update a spreadsheet with scores. You could then summarize those scores and display them on a web page.

You’re looking for something that can rollback to a system image. What I’d suggest is software like Macrium Reflect (the paid version), and using that to create a basline image that you can then roll back to at any time.If you set up a file server, you should be able to store all of your images on one server.

The term is Remote Deployment. I’d spend some time on Google researching the tools. One thing you might look at is LogMeIn; I believe you can set up remote deployment and maintenance with it, as well. Between LogMeIn and Macrium Reflect, you should be able to restore to an image, install the latest updates, and re-image a machine fairly easily.


Reimaging the machines would certainly work, but if that has to be done often then I would definitely prefer the roaming profile method.

The scenario he is describing sounds like some sort of gaming internet cafe, unless I’m mistaken.


Yeah, that’s exactly what it is - a cyber cafe.

Roaming profiles work… yes, a domain server and roaming profiles should definitely be part of the setup.

That’s not going to fix local issues if a piece of software gets corrupted, and things like Steam and Origin run in the local user’s context… so it’ll require some work to let that software update without the user being an administrator.

My kid used to have to get me every time she wanted to play The Sims, just because the updater wanted special privileges.

I wonder if there’s a “guide to running a cyber cafe” guide on the web somewhere. There certainly are enough of those things, especially in Asia.

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