Add bluetooth to HP desktop


How do I add bluetooth to my HP desktop PC? Want to use Verizon hot spot as internet access. TIA


You can take a look at this.


I can’t find ‘on’ under add bluetooth and other devices.
PC doesn’t have bluetooth…was told earlier to buy and add a bluetooth dongle, which I did…was no help at all. Isn’t it just an enhancer or not?
Am beyond frustrated at this time!


If you want to connect to Verizon hotspot for internet access, why would you need a bluetooth dongle? Sounds like you may need a wifi dongle for your PC instead which is a totally different thing.


I think you should read my question again carefully and understand that I want to be able to use my HP desktop PC via my Verizon hot spot to connect to the internet. I was told by a tech from the place I bought it to add the dongle. According to HP the desktop has to have Mirrorcast also.
Thanks for the effort.


Every hotpot function I’ve used from Verizon or anyone else, using either cell phones or dedicated hot spot devices, used Wi-Fi not Bluetooth which makes sense since Bluetooth has a lot less range and speed than Wi-Fi.

What device are you using for the hotspot?


It looks like the Delphi model hotspot, for example, from Verizon supports some type of bluetooth from reading the support page. However, I agree with @Paul_Hutchinson above and think Wi-Fi would be better.

Does Windows device manager see the bluetooth dongle?


You do NOT want Bluetooth for this. That’s the worst possible choice.

You should pick up an inexpensive 802.11G or N WiFi adapter.

For example:


Thank you! I noticed the issue after carefully reading the OP’s question the first time though they think otherwise. Hopefully, the OP is confused and not just being a jerk.


Well bless! I do have a wifi adapter.
Guess my real problem is I’m not a geek and really don’t know enough about how all this stuff works to figure it out.
Thanks for your help.


The OP is a 79 year old lady learning on her own since about 1990. :kissing_heart:


If you’re running Windows 7, 8, or 10, just look for the WiFi icon down near the clock at the bottom-right corner of the screen., (This spot is called the “tray.”)

Click on that, and you’ll get a list of nearby WiFi networks. From there, you can choose your hotspot’s network, and you’re good to go.


Sorry people but none of your solutions worked.
I found a video on YouTube that showed me how to get into device manager/services to find the WLAN auto configuration and turned it on.
Now I can’t setup the wifi connection because I am not familiar with the phraseology, etc. Can anyone help with this?


FYI…I still can’t connect the Verizon Hot Spot to my HP desktop PC.
I added a bluetooth dongle and still can’t connect.

My biggest question now is, do I have to be connected to the internet in order to use the windows 10? There is no help available without being connected.