8.1 Pro 64 bit didn't install bc my pc a Dell Inspiron E1505 is a 32 bit and now the security key doesn't work?What can I do?


8.1 pro 64 bit didn’t install bc my pc is a 32 bit now the key is not good what cam I do???


Well the PC itself isn’t 32-bit, but you likely have a 32-bit OS installed. In order to install a 64-bit version you will have to do a fresh install, you can’t do an upgrade.


Did you upgrade the RAM on that laptop? It looks like it only has 2 GB. If not I don’t see any reason to go to 64-bit.


I have 2 Gb Ram 120 gb Hard Drive …so can I up grade to a 8.1 Pro 32 Bit…Also can I change the operating system to a 64 bit …if so …Please tell me how ???


You can’t change it to 64-bit without doing a clean install, but unless you have 4 GB of RAM or more I don’t see any reason to go to 64-bit.

So are you on Windows 7 now? Personally I feel if you are going to 8.1 from 7, then you might as well go to Windows 10. Here is a guide to go from 7 to 8.1 if you still want to go that route: