10 Ways the NSA is Spying on You in 2019


Just came across this page about NSA Spying. Damn! The surveillance is going to eat us alive.

Building Backdoors – NSA’s Favorite Pass Time

We all know about the famous FBI-Apple incident back in 2016. It was back then when Apple turned down FBI’s request to access data on an iPhone confiscated on the crime scene of San Bernardino shooters incident. Apple’s response accompanied a backlash to which Cook responded: “No one would want a master key built that would turn hundreds of millions of locks, even if that key was in the possession of the person that you trust the most…that key could be stolen”.

Obviously, that is one side of the coin. As per Snowden’s revelations, the NSA spends over 200 million dollars a year to make devices’ security vulnerable. Such mammoth amount is spent on collaborations with tech giants – creating backdoors for surveillance.

Another incident brought in the limelight was NSA-RSA collaboration where National Security Agency paid RSA USD $10 million to create a backdoor and distribute compromised encryption tools. Over the years, RSA has been claiming that their relationship with the NSA has changed, however, we strongly believe in this notion: once a thief, always a thief.

Of course, these are a few known incidents. There must be hundreds of such collaborations that we are not aware of. Alliances that are still operational, and spying on us along with the NSA, from the shadows.

Source: Is NSA Spying on Me?


Not that I did any scientific surveys, but it seems our government and our media are forever disclosing/warning us about the dastardly acts of Russia, China, Iran… while remaining much more subdued on our own country’s doing’s – including spying on our own citizens. Gives the impression (to me anyway) that we are forever “attacked” by foreign entities while our government/country suffer victimhood.

Lots of people warn against using foreign (read Chinese) software. Heck, as an ordinary American living in America and not engaged in government/defense/top tech work… I take the opposite tack. I like using foreign software! What’s Beijing or Moscow going do to me here in America? Nothing. But NSA and Microsoft (with or without MS’ knowledge) can quickly know everything and keep files forever about me, right here at home. Much more scary.